Western Poultry Conference

Western Poultry Conference

We are now back home but still excited from our trip out west to the Western Poultry Conference in Red Deer, Alberta on February 26, 2018. Our CTO, Daniel Alksnis, and our Co-Owner, Joel Sotomayor, were not only requested to attend the Western Poultry Conference but also the four poultry boards Annual General Meetings. We were able to talk about Be Seen Be Safe and demystify any concerns around the app, now that the Alberta producers and service providers been on the system for a couple months. We had an amazing reception! We were able to calm any issues producers had regarding security of the app and how it operates. We are not ‘Big Brother’ watching you, we are actually only able to see your location within a Be Seen Be Safe geofence. We made sure to stress that we are in a partnership with the Alberta Poultry Industry to increase biosecurity and infection prevention and control, not to watch your movements. We also wanted to make sure service providers are aware that it is free for them to sign up and use the system. Our booth was always busy with great questions and insights. Overall, it was a huge success!

We were also able to present the winning smartphone to the winner of the Farm Sign Contest! Here is Marvin Walters from Lomond Colony, accepting the phone from Daniel on behalf of Frank Walters. Congratulations Frank!

We look forward to keeping these gates of discussion with our users open and available. If you have any feedback, questions, or general inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1 (519) 803-3542 or email us at info@beseenbesafe.ca. Also, please feel free to follow our social media (Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn), the links are in the bottom right corner of this page.

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