Be Seen Be Safe 3.4 Released!

Be Seen Be Safe 3.4 Released!

We are happy to announce the release of Be Seen Be Safe version 3.4!

If you have not automatically received the update you can always find our app on the iOS App Store and the Android Play Store.

Dramatic Battery Optimization

This release marks a major improvement to our core geofencing system. By leveraging native geofencing built into Android and iOS, Be Seen Be Safe can operate at its top efficiency while delivering the same high accuracy visitor records.

This upgrade translates into our most dramatic improvement in battery usage to date. If you are a more prudent battery watcher, you will observe that, under normal operation, Be Seen Be Safe will register battery usage in the low single digits and not so uncommonly register no usage at all!

Wild Bird Observations

In this release, you may now contribute to our industries disease prevention efforts by submitting wild bird observations to our growing database of wild bird observation information.

On your home screen where you view your activity overview, you will now see a Report Bird Sighting button in yellow. Selecting this button will take you to a quick 2 step input process which will automatically capture your location for the observation. The process is simple but the benefit can be very impactful!

By contributing to our growing bird observation database we can better power our advanced disease simulation tools which actively assist your feather boards to prevent the threat of possible wild bird infection transmission.


We hope this upgrade provides tangible improvements in your experience with our platform. We are only too eager to get your feedback, questions, concerns or suggestions of our new version (or anything else) and encourage you to contact us at or utilize our contact form on our site.

What’s next?

During the development of our latest release, we’ve been hearing your concern for increasing the service provider adoption of our platform. We readily acknowledge the power and utility of our system depend on a thorough and comprehensive network of connections. Our service providers present our greatest network building opportunity and we thank all of our producers who have been vocal about getting service providers on the platform.

With this in mind, our development focus will be fixed on accommodating the needs of our Service Providers. We hope the considerable battery improvements eliminates one of the larger roadblocks to service provider adoption, but are working hard to make our platform ever more enticing and useful for all of our stakeholders.

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