Eureka Certificate

Eureka Certificate

Be Seen Be Safe and PigCHAMP Pro Europa are proud to announce that we have obtained the EUREKA Certificate for our collaborative project, HEALTHWATCHER. This is a huge honour placed on us by the EUREKA High Level Group. In 2017, we also obtained the EUREKA Seal of Approval, to indicate that our business’ ideas have great merit. We are one of the few organizations in the history of the EUREKA project to receive this label, especially for a smaller company such as ours.

EUREKA facilitates international collaboration with the end goal of further innovation between international partnerships and cooperations. Without EUREKA, we would not have gotten as far as we are today with PigCHAMP and all of our work in the swine industry. EUREKA have funded or assisted on over 6000 projects so we are extremely grateful to have been selected in the first place, let alone receive the EUREKA Certificate and EUREKA Seal.

Our collaborative project with PigCHAMP Pro Europa has the goal of minimizing disease incidences in intensive pig operations. We are using Be Seen Be Safe to monitor the movement of fomites, or people and vehicles, on and off pig operations in real-time to control the spread of disease and to reduce on-farm management costs.

To find out more about our project, please click here for further information.

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